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Uber in Manila


Update 28/03/2018


On 25th March 2018 the ride hailing company UBER has sold its Southeast Asian business to its` competitor GRAB.


What does this mean for UBER customers and travelers? 


According to Grab there won`t be many changes to the customers as both companies are working to combine both platforms. That means, that UBER customers will have to use the GRAB application in future to order rides within the Southeast Asian countries, including Cambodia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam.


Uber Services will be available until the 8th April. Outside Southeast Asia UBER will still be available.



As we have made some bad experience with Taxis in Manila in 2015, we wanted to try something different this time. During our search for an alternative, we found UBER.

We want to share our experience with UBER with you.


  1. What is Uber?

  2. Which Uber Services are available in Manila?

  3. Is Uber safe?

  4. How to register with UBER?

  5. How to order a vehicle with UBER?

  6. The ride with UBER?

  7. After the ride

  8. Cost

  9. Our experience


What is Uber?

Uber was founded in the USA and offers transport solutions like chauffeur services.

It is operating in many cities worldwide and is a strong opponent to public taxis.

Even in the DACH countries (Germany, Austria, Switzerland)  Uber is operating in the cities of Berlin, Hamburg, Munich, Frankfurt, Dusseldorf, Vienna and Zurich.

Uber offers different services, although not all of them are available in every city due to law restrictions.

Which Uber services are offered in Manila?

At the moment there are 2 different services available in Manila.

  • Uberx: This is the cheapest Service of Uber. Actually the drivers are private people, who transport guests with their own vehicle. The cars need to have at least 4 doors and fulfill a certain standard. The cars must not be older than 3 years at the time of registration with Uber.
  • UberBlack: This is the luxury service of Uber. The vehicles are bigger, more luxurious and the cost is due to that a bit higher.


Is Uber safe?


Drivers who want to work for Uber, need to undergo a proper application process.

They need to provide a NBI and PNP clearance (police clearance certificate). Furthermore the driver needs to prove sufficient insurance coverage for his car and provide pictures of his car to ensure it is in a proper condition.

At the time of registration with Uber the car must not be older than 3 years.

The drivers also need to have an accident insurance for their passengers, which is automatically done by Uber.

After this first steps the drivers need to attend a seminar.

As a last step Uber is doing a full background check on the applicants.

How to register as a passenger?


Download the application.




Register as a User and follow the steps.

You are also asked to provide data of a credit card. The cost for transport (Driver can not take influence in it) is deducted from your credit card once you reach your destination.








The registration process is quite easy. Once done, you are ready to go. 😀


How to order a Uber car?


When you open the Uber Application you will see the following screen.



Basic View


Here you see a map with your point of location (blue dot). In the bottom section you can choose, if you would like to order a UberX or UberBlack car.

The car symbols show you the current location of available Uber cars. You see immediately, if there is an available car nearby.

With the black button “Set Pick Up Location” you can choose the location where you would like to be picked up. Mostly it will be your current location (blue dot)


Push the button “Set Pick Up Location”


Enter Destination


Click on the grey + and enter your destination.



Enter destination


Pick up location and destination are entered now, But we would like to find out, how much the estimated fare is.

Click at the bottom left on fare estimate.



estimated fare

In Manila, Philippines the currency will be displayed in Php of course. 😀 This example is based on Abu Dhabi. Use of the App is the same.

In case you agree with the fare, go back to the previous screen and press “Request UberX or UberBlack”, depends on which service you chose previously.

As soon as a driver accepts the job, this will be displayed in the screen. You will be able to watch the car symbol coming towards you (in the map). In the bottom area you will find then information about the driver, including name, car type and mobile number. If you press on the mobile number, you can call the driver and give him additional instructions.


Important: Uber cars are unmarked. There is no taxi sign on the roof of the car. The driver has furthermore no clue how you look like. That means, it is your job to find the car and give the driver a sign to identify yourself.

Best is to watch the car in the application and as soon as it is close to you, check for the number plate and give the driver a signal.


The ride with Uber

You found your ordered car? Then get in and enjoy the ride.

The drivers got a smart phone application provided by Uber. They see your phone number and destination. As soon as you get into the car, the driver activates the “meter” in the app. The screen in your phone then changes to “On route”.

With the app you can also track the drive and make sure the driver sticks to the recommended route.

If you change your mind and want to go to a different destination, just tell the driver. The fare will then be adjusted depending on the time and distance of travel.


After the drive

When we reach our destination, we always pay attention that the driver presses the button (end drive). The fare is then automatically deducted from your credit card. You will be notified about the total fare in the application followed by a rating system.




Click in the upper left corner on the field with the 3 stripes.



Basic view



With this you will open the main menu. Click on history.









With this example you can see, that we went from NAIA Manila International Airport to Makati for a total fare of 170 Php. The fare is deducted from your credit card automatically. Paying cash is not necessary.


The price consists of 3 factors:

  • Base fare: 40 Php
  • fare per kilometre 5,7 Php
  • fare per minute: 2 Php

The fare for UberBlack is higher.

In case you have ordered a car, but you would like to cancel it again after a driver accepted the job, you will have to pay a fee.


Be aware that Uber has from time to time so-called price surges. For  example the demand is higher than the available cars, Uber rises the fare in order to get more drivers onto the road.

You will be notified about this price surge in a pop up. You can accept it or cancel the process.


Our experience with Uber in Manila

We like Uber.

As we arrived in Manila Domestic Terminal, we went out of the airport, started the application and sat in a car after 5 minutes. We used Uber quite often.


  • all vehicles were clean and quite new
  • fare is deducted from the credit card (no negotiations necessary)
  • drivers were well rested and friendly
  • no waiting time at the taxi queue
  • simple to use Application
  • data of driver will be saved in the app
  • proper receipt in the application (we can chase anytime where we have been)


We will use Uber again the next time we are in Manila.

The information in this post is from March 2016. Please be aware that Uber can change its services and prices any time.


How did you like this post? Have you ever used Uber or similar services? Send us a comment below.







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