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Road trip: White Pebbles Beach Camarines Sur

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During our Christmas Vacation 2017 in Naga City, Bicol, we were not that lucky with the weather as it rained heavily most of the days.

But on this day while waking up in the early morning, we realized, that something was different.


Sunshine! What a surprise. Although it was early in the morning, we immediately got up and thought about where to go.

As we had heard before, that White Pebbles Beach in Minalabac must be quite nice, we decided to go there with our motorbike.

We had no clue how to get there, so quickly asked Google Maps. According to that the ride should only take 1 hour and a bit (in the end it was over 2 hours) for a distance of 31 kilometres.


2 hours for 31 kilometres.  At home I drive that distance in about 20 minutes, but in Philippines things are slightly different. Read on and find out why.


You don`t know where Naga City nor Camarines Sur is? Use the map below and zoom out. 😀




Preparation of our road trip


As our destination is in a super remote area, we considered the following things before jumping blindly on to the motorbike:

  • Screenshots of the route including points where to turn (might be no mobile data available)
  • Drinking Water
  • Snacks
  • Sun Lotion
  • Small Cash (for sure there are no ATM out there)
  • Swim wear


Snacks and drinks are not really necessary as most of the small villages in the Philippines have Sari Sari stores. But you never know.


Driving in the Philippines

Before you plan a road trip like this on a motorbike you, should consider a few things.

The traffic and the driving culture in the Philippines is slightly different to what we know from Europe or the US. For first timers it might look like the pure chaos. 

I strongly suggest only to ride a motorbike if you are experienced and fit to do that as the traffic over there demands your fullest attention and quick reaction at any time.

During this road trip I was almost taken down  4 times by dogs or kids running on to the street. You can`t really speed there as there is always someone or something on the road.

Pay extreme attention on crossings as things like stop signs are actually there, but often not being respected. Never insist on your right of way. 

The surface of the roads are different from what we are used to and the grip might not be the same like back home. So better take it easy in the curves.

That`s why the travel times are a lot longer than what we are used to.


And wear proper gear. Don`t copy us and ride in Shorts and T Shirt. You don`t want to come home with road rash. 


The road trip 


After filling up petrol in Naga City we left the busy traffic behind us very quickly. After Milaor it got easier and we entered the countryside.


Camarines Sur Village


Our first stop. I forgot how that place was called. Very friendly people who don`t see foreigners that often.


House Philippines

House Philippines

Stunning nature everywhere we look.




Local water distribution



Daily Life Philippines



Until that point the ride took us over pretty good roads. No problems at all.

But as soon as we approached the small mountain range, things changed quickly.





Due to the heavy rains the last weeks, this road was in a very interesting state. The Jeep ahead of us struggled but in the end the driver made it. We followed him for a while and picked up the luggage as it kept on falling down.


Jeepney Philippines

Jeepney Philippines


Road Minalabac

Road Minalabac


Mercy Philippines

Mercy Philippines


There was indeed an alternative route to the beach but locals told us that the other road was in an even worse state. So we just carried on. This bit on the pictures was actually the worst part.


Sneakers Mud

Sneakers Mud



Don`t drive like this. Wear proper gear!


We survived the washed out road somehow and had to pass some pretty steep areas. As the bike of the day was not really equipped with a lot of horse powers, Mercy had the joy to walk uphill most of the time. We just couldn`t make it.





Village of Baolatao. Almost there.




Finally arrived. We went to the White Pebbles Beach Resort and rented a small pavilion on the beach. The resort did not have many guests but was open. At the reception you can get some snacks and drinks (no alcohol). Toilet facilities are available as well. It was pretty empty.


Absolutely peaceful place.


Beach here we are.














Now you know, why it is called White Pebbles Beach. No sand here but small white stones. So bring shoes for swimming.

We spend a couple of hours at the beach, swimming, sleeping, relaxing before we decided to drive back to Naga City.


You should start this tour early in the morning as you want to avoid driving back in the evening hours. The road was challenging at daylight. We wouldn`t want to drive that in darkness. 







More things to do in the Bicol Region. 


Have you ever done a road trip in the Philippines? Leave us a comment below. 



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    Wow that was an adventure! Good tips about taking snap shots of map in case of no wifi, and making sure you have swimming shoes. Looked worth it when you got there though!

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