Jan 20

Philippines: Vitton Beach Resort, Donsol and drive back to Naga


Vitton Beach Resort, Donsol Sorsogon

Still totally excited from our Whale Shark encounter the day before, we enjoy the morning at the swimming pool of our hotel.

We have had a fantastic two nights stay in Vitton Beach Resort.

The rate was 1900 Php per night. Credit cards are not accepted, so you should bring enough cash. Breakfast was not included.

Vitton Beach Resort Pool-01

After wake up straight into the pool. How could a day start better?

Vitton Beach Resort 2Vitton Beach Resort Donsol

Vitton Beach Resort Garden

A few impressions from the hotel

Vitton Beach Resort Room

The room is huge. Enough room for 4 adults.

Vitton Beach Resort Balcony

Our balcony

Butanding Boat Donsol

Whale Shark Interaction Boat

Waking up with that view in the morning is just great.

Filipino ShowerVitton Beach Resort Donsol Shower

The water pressure isn´t perfect. The local version of a shower is a great alternative.

We have been quite happy with this hotel. Can´t do much wrong with the Vitton Beach Resort.

While we relax at the pool, we are watching that boat approaching the beach. Seems like they are going to a wedding.

To avoid wet feet, every single person is carried to the beach by the boat crew.

Donsol Marriage

Donsol Marriage 2

From Donsol to Naga City 


Time passes fast during vacation. We would love to stay a few more days in Donsol, but we need to go back to Naga City.

Tricycle in Donsol

Firstly you need to get to Donsol bus station. There are always some Tricycles in front of the hotel waiting for customers. Surely that´s not the most convenient way of transport but fast and quite cheap. We fit in there quite well with 3 adults and 2 big backpacks.

Donsol Central Terminal

Jeepneys, Coaches and Minivans. Everything here, you need. 😀

The minivan to Legazpi is almost ready for departure. In order to survive the ride, we do need some breakfast first.

Eatery Donsol Central Terminal

Eatery Donsol Terminal

Kinonot (Ray) and some pork. Excellent food here. 

After breakfast the van is ready to leave towards Legazpi, which cost 75 Php per person.

We arrive in Legazpi one hour later and transfer to a minivan to Naga City. That one is about to depart, so we are lucky, as we don´t have to wait.

The ticket to Naga cost 140 Php. The transfer time takes 2 hours in our case.

Naga City Roundabout

During the first days of our round trip, we stayed in Naga Land Hotel. However this time we like to stay in Magsaysay Avenue. As we don´t have any reservation, we just stroll around and check the hotels. As we like to have a swimming pool we end up in the Avenue Plaza Hotel. That is a great hotel, unfortunatelly also the most expensive in town. But worth every Peso.

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