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Philippines: ATV Tour Mount Mayon Volcano

From Caramoan to Mount Mayon

Good morning from Paniman Beach in Caramoan. 😀 We would love to stay longer at this place, as it is just stunning,

but we need to go on to an absolute highlight of our Philippines Travel. We will travel to Mount Mayon near Legazpi City today.

Sunrise Caramoan


As we want to catch the Banca leaving Guijala Port at 7AM,  we jump in a Tricycle on Paniman Beach Road at 6AM heading to the port. (300Php)

Jeepney Caramoan


During a stop at a petrol station we see this Jeepney.

At Guijalo Port we take the Banca back to Sabang Port. Before we are allowed to board, we have to sign out of the logbook with the local authorities and sign in a passenger list of the boat company.

This time we are not doing the same mistake and sit next to the engine. 😀 The ticket cost 120 Php per person, same price like on the way to Caramoan.


Boat from Caramoan

As the Banca is a bit bigger, the ride is done slightly faster than on our way to Caramoan 2 days ago. It seems like we are lucky again with the weather.


Mount Mayon from seaside

Over there you can see our first destination of the day. Looks close, but it isn´t.

How to get from Sabang Port to Legazpi

In order to get from Sabang Port to Legazpi, we take a Mini Van heading to Naga City. But we jump off at the crossing to the main road to Legazpi.

People advised us to stay until Naga City and take another Mini Van from there to Legazpi, which would save a lot of time.

But we did not listen because we want a change and try out a public bus. 😀

Luckily we don´t have to wait for long as a bus stops and we jump in.


After a while we realise why everybody told us to take a Mini Van. This bus stops everywhere. Every time someone waves at the side of the road, the bus stops. And this happens very often. It also stops twice for a bigger break of ca. 15 minutes.

No problem. Smoking break. 😀

After 3 hours we arrive finally in Legazpi Bus Terminal. With a Mini Van we could have saved one hour. Next time!


Mount Mayon from Legazpi

We are getting closer.

We arranged our pick up by a tour operator.


ATV Tour Mount Mayon

ATV Rental Mount Mayon


Here we go. This is Your Brother / Mayon ATV Tour. We will check out that stunning volcano by ATV.

We get a short induction, our safety equipment and then do two rounds on a training track. The staff just want to make sure, that you won´t kill yourself. 😀

Mount Mayon behind clouds

Mount Mayon covered by clouds. Let´s see how the weather will be when we are up there.

The tour is guided by two girls. We are 3 ATVs in total.


ATV to Mount Mayon


The drive is very scenic. We cross several times the river bed. Although the tour is announced for advanced drivers, it is quite easy to drive.


Mercy at Mount Mayon

Luckily Mercy is showing us the way to the volcano. Thanks for that. 😀


At a small base camp we have to park the ATVs and continue our trip by foot to the Mount Mayon Lava Wall.

At this camp you have to register and pay a small fee.


Lava Wall at Mount Mayon

The lava front looks tiny on the picture. But it isn´t. You should wear proper shoes to climb up there.


The Mount Mayon lava wall was formed during an eruption and mud slide in 2006. Situated within the 6km permanent danger zone, the Lava Wall stands 245 metres above sea level with a fantastic view of Legazpi City and the Albay Gulf. (Source: Wikipedia)


Mercy jumping at Mount Mayon


On top of the Lava Wall you will find this Helipad, which is used by helicopter tour operators, which is unfortunately far above our budget.

It seems like we got perfect weather and stunning views to Mount Mayon. Absolutely amazing.

Mercy taller than Mount Mayon

Although it looks small in this picture, the volcano is 8081 feet above sea level.

Mount Mayon Single


Legazpi from Mount Mayon

When you face Mount Mayon, look behind you, in order to see this stunning view to Legazpi and the Gulf of Albay.

Mount Mayon from ATV Rental

After we enjoyed the beautiful nature around the lava wall, we hike back to the base camp, and ride the ATVs back to the station.

The trip was absolutely worth every cent. The ride through a stunning nature and the picturesque Mount Mayon was absolutely great.

The tour we did, costs 6800 Php for two ATVs.

Your Brother / Mayon ATV Tours offers different packages and different sizes of ATV´s.

Things to consider:

  • Call the tour operator before you head there, to check if it is safe to do so. As Mount Mayon is an active volcano, it might not be possible to do the tour.
  • You can also check the website of Phivolcs, the Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology.
  • You might get wet (river crossings)
  • it will get dusty (Dust Mask is provided)
  • take sun protection with you, as you are exposed to the sun for a few hours
  • wear proper shoes to climb up the lava wall
  • Legazpi is a non smoking city. So do not smoke in the city area. You will be fined, if police catch you.


Legazpi to Donsol


Our ATV tour ends at 5PM.  Our plan is to go straight to Donsol, as we don´t want to stay in Legazpi City. But now we missed the last mini van to Donsol.

We ask the ATV tour operator, if they can call us a taxi. This will cost us 1500 Php. Legazpi to Donsol is a one hour´s drive.

We do not have an accommodation yet, though we prepared a list of our favorite hotels, which we picked from Tripadvisor the last days.

So we headed to our first choice, which is *Vitton and Woodland Beach Resort.


Before you walk in a hotel and ask for a room, always know the online prices. It might be much cheaper for example to book via *Agoda or *Booking.com .



We pay 2900 Php for a large room, as we are 3 adults.


You are wondering, why we went to Donsol? You will find that out in the next post. 😀



How did you like this Post? Have you ever been to a volcano? Write us a comment below.




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