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Manila worth a visit?

Too much traffic, dirty, chaos!



These words can be seen in many travel groups about the capital of the Philippines as most travellers plan to travel further to the provinces or islands as soon as they arrive at Manila International Airport. People often ask questions whether transfer times of 3 or less hours are possible.

Well, sometimes it might work out, sometimes it surely will not.

Flights could be delayed, waiting times at the immigration could be extraordinary long or trouble with luggage. There are so many reasons, which make it too risky to go on a transfer flight with not enough time in between.

Imagine you are flying to the Philippines coming from Europe or the US with travel times of sometimes 20 hours. We don`t even think about going on another aircraft after such a long flight. That`s why we always stay at least one night in Manila.

Don`t forget. It is vacation time. You are not on a race.


Things to do in Manila


There are a lot of things to do in and around Manila. Here we will give you one example of what to do with a one night layover.

As we arrived early morning in Manila and had to catch a flight on the next day, we planned to visit Resort World Manila, which is a huge complex in Newport City located right next to NAIA international Airport.

Arriving at Terminal 3, you can even walk there using a pedestrian bridge. Unfortunatelly we arrived at Terminal 4 (Domestic Terminal) where we had the choice between taking a taxi or change to terminal 3 and take the free shuttle bus to Resort World.

As we did not want to change terminals we ordered a UBER car, which is one of the best alternatives for taxis in Manila.

You don`t know UBER? Find here a complete article with information and instructions on how to use UBER. 


UBER Manila


As you can see on the picture, the UBER ride cost us 212 PHP, which is approximately 3.30 EUR. The amount is debited automatically from my credit card at the end of the ride, which makes small change unnecessary.


* Discount on UBER rides when enrolling with this link. (Value depends on the location. For Manila approx. 50 PHP discount for the first four rides)


Belmont Hotel / Resort World

Resort World Manila consists of excellent hotels like *Marriott Hotel Manila, *Maxims, Holiday Inn and *Belmont Hotel.

We decided to stay in Belmont Hotel as the rate of 66 Euro seemed fair to us for a 4 Star Hotel in that area. Rooms are large and clean, the interior is modern. Some rooms even have a nice view over the complete airport, so a great chance for Aviation Geeks.

As usual we booked this hotel with Agoda as they offer mostly the best prices compared to other booking websites.


Manila Airport View 2

Manila Airport View


Manila Airport View

Manila Airport View


Just loved the view. Perfect for aviation fans. Grab a chair and watch the planes moving around.


The rooftop swimming pool offered even a better view but as we had some plans we couldn`t really enjoy it up there.


Swimming Pool Belmont Hotel Manila

Swimming Pool Belmont Hotel Manila


Although we arrived at 10 AM at the hotel reception, we could immediately get our room keys. Bottom line it is a great hotel and the staff was super friendly. We will come back for sure.


Newport Mall Resort World 


We have learnt now, that there are a couple of nice hotels in Resort World Manila. But what else is there to spend an afternoon? We tried to find out and went to Newport Mall, which is only a short walking distance from the hotel. Plenty of restaurants and shops invite to spend a little time there.


While walking to the mall, we realized the presence of many heavily armed security personnel, which is not an uncommon sight in the Philippines, especially when remembering the incident in Summer 2017, when a robbery had taken place in the mall and the nearby casino resulting in many deaths.


Resort World Manila

Resort World Manila



Mercy in Manila

Mercy in Manila


Newport Mall Manila

Newport Mall Manila


Casino Resort World 


After dinner we couldn`t wait to do something for our finances and tried out the casino inside Newport Mall.


Resort World Manila Casino

Resort World Manila Casino


The casino has more than 13000 square meters and offers everything from roulette, blackjack and so on.

Before the fun begins, we enroll at the membership counter and receive instantly our membership cards which enables us to collect points every time we play. These points can be redeemed for example for free nights in one of the hotels of Resort World.


Like usual the money grows and grows in the beginning followed by the thought of doubling again all the profits. Well, what to say. In the end the greed became to big and we went home with empty pockets.

At least we spent like 6 hours in the casino and had a wonderful time. Once you run out of money, you can enjoy the fantastic dance shows in the 360 bar located in the middle of the casino.

I tried to get some pictures of the inside of the casino, but was surrounded immediately by security when I tried. Strictly no photography.



It was a great day in Manila. Resort World, Newport Mall and the casino are worth a visit.




*If you purchase items from links with that sign, we will get a small bonus. 



You have a tip for Manila or want to tell us about your experience there. Leave us a comment below. 



  1. Looks like there are some nice things to do in Manila, great post! Good to know to always take Ubers when in Manila 🙂

    1. Unfortunatelly UBER has ben bought by Grab which works similar to UBER. We just had to money bad experiences with the normal taxis there. Can`t compare it to Bangkok for example. Manila is a nice place if you know where to go.

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