Jun 25

Manila to Naga City (Video)

Manila to Naga City by aircraft

After 6 hours sleep only, we have to get up early as we will travel from Manila to Naga City today.

We had a good sleep in Salem Domestic Guesthouse. As the guesthouse is directly opposite NAIA Terminal 4, we can walk there within 5 minutes.


NAI Terminal 4 Domestic Terminal

NAIA Terminal 4


View back from the over bridge to the domestic road where our guesthouse is located.


Domestic Road Salem Domestic Guesthouse

Domestic Road


NAIA Terminal 4 is quite small. Check In and security check is very easy and fast. There is no smoking area inside the terminal. As we arrive here early, we leave the terminal building and get some breakfast. If you leave the terminal, turn right and walk 200m you will find a nice restaurant on the right hand side.


After a nice breakfast we head back to the terminal. The flight was on time, which we did not expect. 😀

Boarding time.


CEbu Pacific ATR 72

Cebu Pacific ATR 72

Check out this video about the flight from Manila to Naga City.


The flight with Cebu Pacific was good. We departed on time. The aircraft was in a good state and clean. A small service takes place during the flight. You have to pay for drinks and snacks though depending on the type of your booked ticket.


Why did we choose Cebu Pacific?

We had the choice between Philippine Airlines and Cebu Pacific. Philippine Airlines had only a 10 Kg baggage allowance as they operate with small aircrafts on that route.

Cebu Pacific had 20 kg. As the ticket price was quite similar, it was not hard for us to decide.

The flight from Manila to Naga City takes only 45 minutes.


And here we go. Naga Pili Airport in Camarines Sur. The airport is quite small so everything was done very fast. We received our luggage after 10 minutes.

Naga Pili Airport

Naga Pili Airport

Naga Pili airport is located 20 minutes from Naga City. Some hotels offer shuttle service.

We head straight to our hotel. We will spend 3 nights in Naga Land Hotel. The location of this hotel is in the city centre. You can easily reach all points of the city from there.

E-Mall (shopping centre) is located directly opposite the hotel.

We booked Naga Land Hotel in Abu Dhabi via Agoda.com We paid 5800 Php for 3 nights.

Nagaland Hotel

Nagaland Hotel

Nagaland Hotel

Nagaland Hotel


 We spend the afternoon with walking around the city and getting a first impression.


Trycicle in Naga City Bicol


Naga City Bicol

Naga City

Naga City

Naga City

Naga City

Naga City

Naga City

Naga City


Naga is a small busy city. The public transport system looks very confusing. But we will soon find out, how it works.

They day is over too fast and it is time to get some food.

We heard about an open air restaurant in Magsaysay Avenue. Bob Marlin. As it was number 1 in Tripadvisor, we had to try it out.

From the hotel we take a tricycle and drive to Magsaysay Avenue. When you see this sign, you are right. 😀

Bob Marlin Naga City

Bob Marlin Naga City


Someone is hungry

We were too early for the live band.

Bob Marlin Naga City

Bob Marlin Naga City


Beach Bilao Bob Marlin Naga City Camarines Sur Bicol

Beach Bilao Bob Marlin Naga City


We order Beach Bulao. That was more than enough for 4 persons. Together with a bucket of beer we paid around 600 Php. Very affordable.

As we were still shattered from the long flight from Abu Dhabi, we go to bed very early. Our first impression of Naga City is very good and we will discover a lot more the next days.


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