Apr 05

Flying to Tenerife with Condor

Actually, we didn’t plan to travel anywhere. But as I regularly check websites for cheap flights, I found an offer I could not resist. Furthermore, the weather was pretty cold (well, it was winter in Germany), so time to head south to the Canary Islands and get some warmth.

Condor Tenerife

Munich to Tenerife is a 4 to 5-hour flight and usually costs around 300 Euro depending on which airline you take or what time you fly. Offseason it is less and during vacation times it might be even higher than that.

As I was browsing Skyscanner, I discovered tickets for 100 EUR return. This included hand luggage only. As we wanted to bring at least one suitcase, we booked the second ticket for 160 EUR. That makes a total of 260 EUR to fly to Tenerife for two persons. Wow. Great price. The flight was with Condor, which is a decent low-cost airline. Food and drinks need to be paid extra on board, but the prices are pretty decent. We did not have the impression to get ripped off. A can of beer was 3 Euro. The food choice was okay, but we did not eat anything on board.

Condor Tenerife Stefan

Make sure to check in online, as the queue on the airport check-in was massive. There was only one agent for the complete check-in. We were pretty lucky as the baggage drop counter was hardly used by anyone.

How to get around on Tenerife

Tenerife has got a good network of public transport. You can reach most areas of the island with public buses. As we wanted to be more flexible, we checked for rental cars. There are plenty of options to get rental cars, but I prefer to book with the website of check24.de. For 7 days I paid around 120 Euro for a Ford cactus with full insurance.

The petrol prices on the island are lower than in Germany. A litre super was around 1 Euro.

Driving on the island is not much different from driving in Europe. Using the highway from the Airport to Puerto de la Cruz there might be some traffic jams from time to time. You should consider this when driving back to the airport if you want to catch a flight.

The roads are pretty good and driving is quite relaxed. I was surprised in the beginning, that no one is really speeding or driving recklessly. Apparently, the fines for traffic violations are pretty rough on the island.

Where to stay on the island

Traveling to Tenerife, you should be aware of the different climate zones. Due to the Teide volcano, Spains highest mountain, the island has plenty of totally different zones of weather and landscape. Most of the large hotel resorts are located on the south of the volcano with its desert-like landscape and sunshine on most days of the year.

On the north side of the Teide however, the landscape is pretty green and the climate milder. Due to the winds on the canary islands, it never gets too hot. Well, at least not when we have been there.

We did not stay in one of the huge hotel bunkers as we discovered and used something much greater for a couple of months. Couchsurfing! Have you ever heard of that?

Well, CouchSurfing is, as the name suggests, surfing someone’s couch. You stay with locals and sleep on their couch or if available guestroom and usually spend time together. However the point is not to stay for free, but to meet new friends, exchange stories and different cultures. We have met great people by traveling that way and have also hosted a lot of surfers in Munich.

We found a great host in Puerto de la Cruz, with whom we spent most of the time together and who showed us the hidden secrets of the island. Do you want to know more about Couchsurfing? Check out our profile here.

Stay tuned for the second part and our 7 day itinerary for Tenerife.

Have you ever been to Tenerife? Tell us your experience. Find more of our travel and flight reviews here.

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