Jul 11

CWC Watersports Complex


After we were good on our way yesterday, we continue today with another fitness activity. (although our feet are still quite painy. I warned the girls. Don´t wear Flip Flops while hiking to the Malabsay Falls.)

We are heading to the Cwc Watersports Complex today.

McDonalds Naga City



Our breakfast takes place at McDonald’s in Naga City today. From time to time that has to be done. 😀

Cwc Watersports Complex is located in the outskirts of Naga City near Naga Pili Airport.


As we need to get some cash, we walk to Plaza Rizal which is actually the city centre.



There you will find some Banks and guarded ATM.

If you get only big notes from the ATM, better get that changed in the branch. Won´t be good if you pay a bus ticket with a 1000 Php note. Mostly there won´t be sufficient change.


Always make sure to have enough small change with you.


How to get to Cwc Watersports Complex (Camarines Sur Watersports Complex)


From Plaza Rizal take a Tricycle to the central bus station. (8Php per person)


Tricycle Naga City




That´s how it looks like in a Tricycle if you are 7 feet tall.









The bus station is quite busy. But the thing is easy. Just ask your way through and the staff will show you which bus to take.

There are a lot of eateries to get some food and drinks. That´s a good chance to buy something for the way.


Bus Naga City

AirCon – not available


Our bus. With natural air conditioning. But thanks to a light breeze, that was no problem.

Some vendors will walk through the bus before departure and offer drinks and snacks.


During the drive an attendant will collect the fee. Just tell him to let you know when to get off the bus in order to reach Cwc Watersports Complex.

The ticket costs 10 Php per person.


The bus drive only takes 20 minutes. At the red dot on the map you have to get off the bus. That´s the crossing to the Watersports Complex. There is a 7/11 at that crossing, so you can´t miss it.



From here you need to take a Tricycle. That should cost around 10 Php per person.


What can you do in Cwc Watersports Complex?

Cwc is the first water sports park in the Philippines and Asia. Water Ski and Wake Boarding fans come here from all over the world.

  • Wake boarding
  • Water Ski
  • Knee boarding
  • Wake skating
  • Swimming Pool
  • Restaurant
  • Massage
  • Cabanas

Enough to spend a day, even several days here.


Cwc Watersport Complex

Accommodation Cwc


Besides the watersports area you can also rent an accommodation here.

The price starts from 1200 Php per night.


We haven´t seen many western tourists in Naga City. But this place here is full of them. 😀


The great weather in Camarines Sur and the low prices for wake boarding allure many people to come here.



Preisliste CWC

Price list

The first step is to register at the reception and get your equipment.

As we do not have any experience in wakeboarding, we get some useful advise from the staff and are advised to book 2 hours only as that will be enough for beginners.



  • 2×125 Php (rate for 2 hours)
  • 2×40 Php (Life vest and helmet)

500 Php deposit (you will get it back if you don´t destroy the life vest and helmet)

The beginner boards are included. A premium board would cost another 350 Php per hour.


So we are paying for 2 hours of wakeboarding 330 Php. That´s around 7 Euros.

In Abu Dhabi that would cost us around 40 Euro per hour.


Stefan learns wakeboarding


There are several pools in the area.

This is the cable park for the advanced boarders. We were advised to go to the beginners park first.


Cwc Watersport Complex

Big cable park

Cwc Watersport Complex

Big cable park


And here´s the beginners park. The staff there is very helpful and teaches you the first steps.

Cwc Watersport Complex

Baby pool

Out of the 2 booked hours it took only 1h 45min until he could do a few rounds. Wake Boarding is quite exhausting for your arms. You might end up in the water often. So Stefan is happy to have the life vest on, although he is a good swimmer. But at a certain point there is no power left. He will feel the pain in his arms for the next 4 weeks. 😀


Cwc Watersport Complex


The shirt, which we are wearing, was the best thing we bought before coming to the Philippines. We have spent hours outdoors and on boats getting a really bad sunburnt. This time we considered that and bought UV Shirts (also called Rash Guards).

Cwc Watersport Complex



For the first time 2 hours are enough.


If you have more practise, then try these parks.

Cwc Watersport Complex

After the hard workout, we need some relaxing in the swimming pool.

Mount Isarog

Mount Isarog


Cwc Watersport Complex

Swimming Pool


Here we have the first chance to check out our underwater camera.

Cwc Watersport Complex

Cwc Watersport Complex

You can order food from the restaurant to the pool.


From Cwc back to Naga City

To get back to town you can use the shuttle to SM Mall Naga City in the afternoon. If you miss that, you have two possibilities to get back.

Either you are lucky and there is a Tricycle available waiting or you ask for the small shuttle which is actually meant to transport surfers within the facility.

Anyway you need to get back to the crossing at the main road. Opposite side of the road this time and jump into the next bus to Naga.


It was a very nice day in Cwc Watersports Complex.


  • affordable prices for wake boarding
  • relaxing at the swimming pool
  • breath-taking nature with view of Mount Isarog


Aussicht auf den Mount Isarog

View to Mount Isarog


Kinalas sa Naga for dinner


Directly next to our hotel you can find some eateries offering a typical local dish called Kinalas sa Naga. You can only find that in Naga City.





Kinalas is a noodle soup containing meat from skinned and boiled pork´s head. Sounds rough, but tastes excellent.

Together with that we have Baduya, which is Bananas, fried in flour, salt, eggs, sugar and milk.

When you are in Naga, you need to try that.


How did you like this post? Have you ever been to Naga City? Leave us a comment below.




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