Jan 12

Angkor Wat

Overview: Mass and complex composition of temples for Khmer Empire in the Southeast Asia. The structures of each temple was quite spread. Full of facial, historic angles and shape carves from ancient figure.

Period of Visit: We have spent the whole day to visit the main temples of the Angkor.

Things to do and See:

Angkor Wat Temples

Angkor Thom

Terrace of the Lepper King

The Bayon

Ta Phrom

Ta Keo

Phnom Bakheng

Transportation: In the morning, we found our driver in the opposite of Hard Rock Café by luck. We arrange a tuktuk service for the whole day. We have taken the rest of our trip with him.


Angkor Wat One Day Pass = 20 USD

Tuk Tuk Service w/ driver = 15 USD

Drinks = 3 USD

Tips and Reviews: The weather was hot. Drink sufficient amount of fluid to become hydrated. Don’t worry there are lots of local stores every corner you can find in the entire tourist routes. Good thing that the toilet usage in Angkor is free. The tuk-tuk driver can bring you where it is exactly.


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  1. Angkor Wat looks so amazing! I didn’t end up visiting yet because I was a bit tired of seeing temples after going to Thailand haha but hoping to make it back this year. Would you say that one day was enough to explore the whole complex?


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