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4 days Prague in November, Czech Republic

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The centuries old buildings, the food, the lifestyle and world class beer…… There are plenty of reasons to visit the capital of the Czech Republic.

Find out what we did and where we went during our 4 day stay in Prague.


Prague Central Station (Medium)

Prague Central Station

How to get there

As we combine our visit with a stay in Munich, it is the easiest and cheapest way to travel by train having plenty of connections throughout the day. Travel time takes roughly 5 hours. Tickets can be booked online on the website of Deutsche Bahn even for international train connections. If you book early enough, there might be special offers. We paid around 70 Euros for 2 adults one way.

Be aware that the central train station is called Praha Hlavni Nadrazi. You will not find the word Central Station anywhere. 


Prague has an airport as well. For flight inquiries we often use Skyscanner to check for the best prices and book then on the airlines websites directly. We will leave Prague by plane with Czech Airlines to Frankfurt in an ATR Turboprop. A bit bumpy but pleasant flight.


Prague can also be easily reached by car, which is a good thing if you plan a round trip.


Berlin – Prague 350 km

Vienna – Prague 333 km

Munich – Prague 386 km



When to go?


Technically you can travel all year round. We go there in November and are facing temperatures of -10 degrees Celsius and rain. So make sure you bring warm clothes as you will spend a lot of time walking through the town. During the winter months you can get sometimes great deals on accommodation. Summer is the high season as many tourists will be around and the weather is warmer.


Where to stay 

We stay in an absolutely fantastic place in the city center called *Salvator Superior Apartments,

(118 EUR for 3 nights) 


From the central station the apartment is easy to reach via TRAM as the TRAM stop (Dlouha trida) is just 50m away. The location of this apartment is just perfect, as we can easily walk to the major sights. Walking down the road Dlouha, we reach the Old Town Square within 5 minutes.

Most of the historic sights are located in or around Prague`s Old Town. There are TRAM and Buses but most sights can be easily reached by foot.


*Book Salvator Superior Apartments with

*Book Salvator Superior Apartments with Agoda


*When you use these affiliate links for a hotel booking, we will receive a small comission helping us to run this blog for you totally free. You will not face any additional charges. 


Salvator Superior Apartments Prague

Salvator Superior Apartments Prague


Salvator Superior Apartments Prague (2)

Salvator Superior Apartments Prague

Our 4 day itinerary

Day 1   Exploring the Old Town 

As we arrive pretty late in Prague it is dark already when we head out for the first time. We just stroll down Dlouha Road which is leading straight to the Old Town Square. Dlouha is a very lively road with many restaurants and bars.

Before reaching the square we stop at one venue where an art exhibition takes place (free entry) which is a great opportunity to get warm again, as the temperatures are icy cold that night.


DSC Gallery Prag

DSC Gallery Prag


Following the Dlouha Road further, we arrive at the Old Town Square (the oldest square in the city) after a few minutes. Very impressive buildings.

Church of our Lady Prague

Church Old Town Square


Standing in the middle of the old town square, you have fantastic views on old architecture like this church with the unique towers. The square is the center of Prague. Its` many shops, restaurants and bars give plenty of chances to spend an evening there. Many street food stalls offer local snacks.


From the old town square we walk straight to one of the top sights of Prague, the Charles Bridge. 


Charles Bridge Prague

Charles Bridge Prague


As it gets pretty late, we need something to eat and try typical Czech cuisine in a very popular and traditional restaurant and brewery called U Fleku. From Charles Bridge you can easily walk there within 15 minutes.

The restaurant is absolutely packed, but we are lucky to join some others on their table.

The dark beer is one of the best we ever had.


U Fleku Prague

U Fleku Prague




A 2 km walk through the old town brings us back to our apartment.


Day 2 Segway Tour 

On our second day in Prague we decide to have breakfast in James Dean diner in Dlouha Road about half way between our apartment and the Old Town Square, which is a great place, if you are looking for a good American Breakfast. Stylish interior and super friendly stuff in authentic (pretty short) uniforms.


While walking through the Old Town Square the day before, we noticed a lot of guys on Segways promoting guided tours on these vehicles. That is on the program for us today. We get a small induction by the friendly stuff and off we go.

There are several different tour packages. We take a 2 hour tour and visit the most popular sights in the Old Town. The price for this tour  was around 80 EUR for 2 adults.

Tour Company Prague on a Segway 


Jolina DownCoat Prague Segway

Prague Segway


Although wearing a thick Down Coat, it is freezing cold again. But the tour is fun leading us from Old Town Square, along the quarter of Josefov, River Vltava, Charles Bridge and Mala Strana on the other side of the river giving wonderful views of Prague Castle.


Jolina DownCoat Prague Charles Bridge

Prague Charles Bridge



Charles Bridge Prague

Charles Bridge Prague


After the Segway Tour we go for a walk again in order to discover the Old Town and enjoy the atmosphere as a lot of street artists perform fascinating shows.


Street Artist Prague

Street Artist Prague


Walking and freezing all the time makes hungry, so it`s time to try one of these sweets called Trdelnik, which you can find all over the historic town.


Trdelnik Prague

Trdelnik Prague


Day 3 – Castle District

On our 3rd day we want to discover the castle district on the other side of the river Vltava where plenty of parks invite to stroll around and relax.


Park Vojanovy Sady

Park Vojanovy Sady


From here it is only a short walking distance to Charles Bridge, where we climb up the Lesser Town Bridge Tower. (Entrance Fee 100 Kc)

Lesser Town Bridge Tower Prague

Lesser Town Bridge Tower Prague


Our next destination is Prague Castle which can be reached easily by foot walking up the castle hill. When arriving at the castle we are totally soaked as the weather is pretty bad and rain pouring down all the time. That`s the risk when coming here during the winter months. But as we keep on saying: There is no bad weather, only wrong clothes.


Prague Castle is just massive with the impressive St. Vitus Cathedral in its center. As the opening times might change, better check out their website before you go there.


St. Vitus Cathedral Prague

St. Vitus Cathedral Prague


On our way back to our apartment, we stop at an Absinthe Bar in the old town and enjoy some cocktails and dinner.


Day 4 Petrin Tower


On our last day we head out to Petrin Hill which is located in Prague 5 district. Built in 1891 for the Jubilee Exhibition this mini version of the Eiffel Tower offers great views over the city of Prague. With only 60 meters the tower does not seem very high, but adding the fact that it stands on top of Petrin hill which is 318m high, things look different.

You have the choice to take a Funicular Railway  (32Kc) up the hill or you walk like we did.

The standard entry fee of 120Kc only includes general access, which means you can use the 299 stairs up to the top or you pay an additional charge for the use of the elevator.

Petrin Tower Prague

Petrin Tower Prague


Prague Petrin Tower

Prague Petrin Tower


Time is running out and we need to get to the airport (30 EUR by taxi organised from our accommodation). We walk back all the way from Petrin to Dlouha Road doing our last stop at the Prague Beer Museum which is actually a bar offering up to 30 different beer brands. You don`t have to drink a pint of each to try all of them. They have tasting packages serving a couple of different beers in small glasses. Czech beer is world class and part of the Bohemian culture.


Prague is well worth a visit and we can`t wait to get back there. Eastern European cities have something very special to us.








How did you like this post? Have you ever been to Prague? Send us a comment below. 




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  1. Prague looks absolutely amazing! We are heading there this summer, can’t wait 😀
    Have a nice day,

    Patricia & Miguel

    1. It is an amazing city. We are sure, that you guys will enjoy a lot. 😀

  2. Prague looks absolutely amazing with its magnificent architecture all around the town square and its numerous palaces. I’m actually heading down to this beautiful capital next summer, so I can’t wait to explore it and admire it for myself.

    1. Prague is a fantastic city and always worth a visit. In summer though it might get a bit more crowded. 😀

    • Alexander Popkov on April 23, 2018 at 6:28 pm
    • Reply

    Was in Prague a few months ago. I loved the place and want to come back. I loved the castle district at night and food!

    1. The castle district is very nice. We liked it a lot.

  3. Thanks for all this useful information! Prague looks great, I’m considering visiting it soon since it’s not that far away from where I live and I only heard great things about it 🙂

    1. It is a great place. As we will move back to Munich soon, we are only 5 hours away, so will visit again for sure.

  4. Prague has been top of my list for ages and I really want to visit. I will pin your guide as I need to know the best things to do before we get there! Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thanks for pining it. Prague has so much to see. The 3 days we stayed there was not really enough. But we made it to a lot of sights. I`m sure you will love it there.

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