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Philippines: Island Hopping Caramoan


It´s island hopping time in Caramoan. With this beautiful view we wake up. Weather check. Looks good. 😀

Yesterday Caramoan welcomed us rather rainy.

The day before, we already organised a boat, which will take us out to some great places today. We did this with Sam, the guesthouse owner.

The cost for the boats are equal, no matter where you book it.

The boat costs 2500 Php. However we found 6 other people who will join us. So the price is okay.

You should start the boat trip early in the morning. Otherwise you might get trouble with the tides. Best time to start is 8AM.

Breakfast finished. Let´s start.

Paniman Beach Caramoan

The neighborhood seems also to be awake.


Paniman Caramoan


Paniman Beach is always packed with these bancas.


Paniman Caramoan


Just as we have finished the boarding, someone pulled this little sweety out of the water. Scary!! Unfortunately it seemed quite dead.


Snake Paniman CaramoanLeft and right. Bancas as far as you can see. 😀 So don´t worry about getting no place on a boat.

Paniman Banca


Here we go. No big hotel bunkers. Paniman Beach is a very relaxed, rural place. We love it.

Crazy Coconut Caramoan


We sail now approximately 40 minutes to our first stop. There are two boat trips in Caramoan. One to the “left” islands and one to the “right” islands. We take the left ones.


The weather could not be better. We are so lucky.

Banca Caramoan

We sail alongside beautiful landscapes.




1st stop: Cotivas Island


After roughly 40 minutes we arrive on our first stop. Cotivas Island.

You don´t have to pay an entry fee for that island. The 100 Php are meant to be the charge for these small huts.

Caramoan Cotivas Island


Cotivas Island is quite small. An ideal location for swimming, snorkeling and relaxing.

There are only a few tourists here. You can purchase some soft drinks from the owner of the huts.

Cotivas Caramoan Island

Crystal clear water.

Cotivas Caramoan


You should start this boat trip early in the morning. We are a bit late and get now the revenge for that. The low tide is coming faster than expected. There is not enough water left to leave by boat. So we have to spend a while here. Not the worst place on earth to be stuck!

HometotheWorld in Caramoan Mercy in Caramoan


The waters around Cotivas Island are full of Star Fish. So better watch your step.


Star Fish Caramoan


After a few hours the water was back, although not too much. But enough to get the boat floating.


Caramoan Island

2nd stop: Manlawi Island

We sailed for another 20 minutes, when we saw these floating cottages. In the middle of nowhere. Amazing how creative people are.

Manlawi Sandbar


These floating cottages can be rented for 200Php. The people there also sell some drinks, snacks and souvenirs.

Manlawi Sandbar Caramoan


Manlawi is a big sandbar.

So we sit and relax again. Very peaceful place.

You can also get some Red Horse beer there. But don´t drink too much. 😀

Floating Hut Manlawai Sandbar

Manlawi Sandbar Caramoan Philippines

3rd stop: Sabitang Laya

The 3rd stop is the island of Sabitang Laya, known from the TV Show “Survivor”.

Sabitang Laya Caramoan Sabitang Laya


We chill at the beach and light up a campfire. Very romantic. No other tourists are here. Two guys will camp overnight here. You can rent some camping equipment in Paniman, if you like to camp out in the wilderness. But make sure, you organise a pick up for the next day. The mobile network out here is not very good.


Sabitang Laya is our last stop before we go back to Paniman.

It was a very nice relaxing day in a stunning nature.



Things you should bring with you:

  • Sun protection
  • Hat
  • Drinking Water
  • Cash (rental of huts, drinks)
  • Swimwear
  • Food if you need some during the day


And now enjoy our video about this trip.

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