Jul 17

Casual look in wetlook leggings

48 degrees outside? How do we spend our free days in Abu Dhabi?

We go shopping. 😀 Abu Dhabi has a lot of malls to offer. One of the newest ones and actually the biggest one in Abu Dhabi is Yas Mall next to the Formula 1 Circuit on the beautiful Yas Island.

But going to the mall is not only about shopping here and there.

It’s also about showing off your simple, comfortable and stylish look.


My outfit today:

Woman face print shirt, maroon wetlook leggings and beige boot shoes are on. I´d like to share some impressions here with you.

Mercy Couch

Red Leggings4


I love the shiny look of that wetlook leggings. 😀Red Leggings 6

I brought an extra pair of comfortable shoes in case of feet pain from walking through the mall.

Mercy Yas Mall Abu Dhabi

Sitting in a very comfortable in-house couch in Yas Mall.

Mercy in Yas Mall

Every mall has interior designs from time to time depends on the season and styles.

Yas Mall Mercy Shopping

Getting through of all the clothes shops is very exhausting especially for men. Just want to say.

Yas Mall old car

Colorful old style vehicle displayed in front of Ferrari World.

Yas Mall Ground Floor Yas Mall Food Truck

And yes, you can imagine a small pink bus with stuff in it to sell. So cute.

Yas Mall Design Yas Mall Camel

This is one of the biggest malls in Abu Dhabi that you can find. There is a lot to see, eat and shop. Expect to be exhausted from walking around as you can spend all day here rather than doing activities outside in an extreme summer heat weather during this season.

While shopping we walked ca. 12km and worked us through the shops only in the ground floor.

Next time we will check out the first floor.

If you are hungry, try out the fantastic cheesecake in the Cheesecake Factory. Awesome.

Best time to go there is in the morning. The shops open at 10am. In the afternoon it might get crowded, especially on Fridays which is in the Middle East like a Sunday in Europe.


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  1. daoud

    i would like to take a photo with you, like leo dicaprio and kate winslet. titanic style

    1. Stefan@HometotheWorld

      Thank you. 😀

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